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BEPA Winter Bean Competition


J K Senior and Sons are proud to be part of the team that was recently awarded winners of the 2017 BEPA Winter Bean Competition, having been runners up in 2016.

“Dale Senior of J K Senior & Sons, our crop consultants for many years, must take credit for the agronomy. The farm team of Ian Berriman, Pete Hall and James Hinde provided the cultivation, spray and harvesting expertise. Approximately half of the bean area is grown on contract for Limagrain and they have provided the farm clean uniform seed for over 20 years.”

JK Senior part of the team who won 2017 BEPA Winter Bean Competition

The dry and warm May and June conditions gave rise to abundant growth on the heavy Holderness and Burlingham clay soils. Enough rain came at the end of June to see the crop through to harvest.

In most years the crop requires desiccation using Reglone however, after much deliberation and some trepidation it was agreed that the 2017 harvest would be an exception. This was due to the crop having blackened sufficiently and the exceptional establishment and growth giving rise to almost complete weed control. No desiccation or glyphosate was applied to any of the Tundra crops.

(Extract from Farmers Weekly article 1/12/2017)

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Latest news from JK Senior and Sons BEPA Winter Bean Competition

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