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Black grass dormancy – Variation to local conditions Our own testing results for 2013 have shown a wide variation of results ranging from 21 % to 53 % and averaging 33%. This would class as ‘high dormancy.’ National trials have averaged for 2013 at 54 % - Low dormancy Temperatures close to the east coast have been cooler than the mainland, cool and dry, rather than hot and dry owing to wind and cloud blowing over the sea. According to research and the experts this would explain why some of our results are different from national trials. Ultimately our evidence suggests there is clearly an argument to test samples for germination, with a wide variation of results from farm to farm, especially where climatic conditions may be skewered from the average. The advantage will be a certainty of results that can influence the decision making process on drilling dates, false seed beds, cultivation and herbicide strategy.

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Mon 20th Octrainfall measurement of 1.0 on Mon 20th Oct1.0 mm
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Thu 23rd Octrainfall measurement of 0.0 on Thu 23rd Oct0.0 mm
Fri 24th Octrainfall measurement of 0.0 on Fri 24th Oct0.0 mm
Sat 25th Octrainfall measurement of 0.0 on Sat 25th Oct0.0 mm

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